Solutions for metro

Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS)
We offer
  • flexibility in setting up tariffs;
  • easy revenue collection from passengers using various ticket types;
  • precise accounting of concession ticket holders with reports by type of concession;
  • very cost-effective fare collection control that makes use of fraudulent tickets impossible;
  • high quality of passenger service;
  • increased passenger halls throughput without expensive upgrades;
  • automated accounting and statistical analysis for optimised metro operations

 Main features

  • automatic and/or automated ticket vending of various types;
  • automatic passenger access control using tickets or tokens (smart tokens);
  • automatic notification to the station supervisor in case of unpaid entrance attempt, attempt to use faulty / fraudulent ticket, attempt to use suspicious concession ticket;
  • centrally managed tariffs;
  • centralised collection, processing and filing transaction data of ticket sales, ticket validation, validation outcomes, number of tokens used for entrance and hardware monitoring;
  • automated financial and statistical analysis by passenger halls, by stations, metro as a whole, including over the counter token sales;
  • in-depth analysis on types of tickets used;
  • near real time data on passenger flows;
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