Solutions for buses

What system is for?

Automatic fare collection system for ground transport provides the ability for the operator to support both cash and cashless systems, utilising industry standard equipment and processes to provide additional value and convenience to the riding public. Providing the public with additional methods of payment, while reducing the operator need for manual ticket processing, cash handling and queues will provide a return on investment related to the size of transport operator.

System architecture outline

Automatic fare collection system for ground public transport such as buses, trams, trolleybuses etc. consists of three main components: terminal equipment, data collection points and back-office 

Terminal hardware components include

  • on-bus validators to confirm travel rights on board;
  • driver consoles with point of sale;
  • TVMs and ticket office terminals;
  • ticket inspector validation units for travel rights verification;

Data collection points include hardware required for data exchange with end-point data collection peripherals, data retention and transmission to the processing centre 

Back-office includes fare management functionality, card management functionality with features including support for blacklisting of lost/stolen media, various concession card options and reporting functionality that is capable of generating nearly real-time reports on performance of the system including on-board hardware, financial details, statistical analysis of passenger movements and more.
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