Tripod turnstile gate UT-96m

The UT-96m tripod turnstile is designed for passenger access control to the paid areas in public transport. As an access control gate it can be equipped with card reader (magnetic strip, smart contactless cards) and / or with coin acceptor for coins, tokens or smart tokens as well as barcode reader. With passenger safety as a top priority it is fitted with multiple anti panic solutions.

Main features:

  • Турникет УТ-96.10gate movement management:
  • recognition of successful passenger passage through the gate

  • prevention of unpaid access to the fare controlled passenger area

  • passage direction control

  • passenger entry to the fare controlled area only mode
  • alarm for unpaid access to the fare controlled area
  • bidirectional passage in/out of fare controlled area

  • passage direction pictogram

  • passage open / closed pictogram
  • alarm for unauthorised access to the core elements inside the gate
  • well adapted to any operational environments with protection level from IP 20 to IP 44 


  • Extra heating system (suitable for operation in temperatures ranging from –45 C to 40 C)
  • Passenger counter
  • Special alarm module for unauthorised access notification 
  • Electromechanical and electronic counters (to count passages by various fare media types)
  • Anti-panic mode remotely controlled
  • A control hub for multi gate management

Technical specification

Dimensions 1800х995х300 mm
Passage width 500 – 600 mm
Weigh 150 kg
Power supply (220 +22 -33) v
Power consumption:

  • idle mode
  • maximum

40 Wt

200 Wt
Throughput no less than 1200 people per hour
Operational range From –5 C (-40 C with optional heater) to 40 C
Humidity Up to 95% and 25 Celsius
Atmospheric pressure From 84 to 106,7 hPa
Operational hours 24 hours
Reverse mode Yes
Passage direction pictogram  Yes   
Passage open / closed pictogram Yes
Closed door mode Yes
Open door mode Yes
Autonomous mode Yes
Controlled using RS 232/RS 485 protocols Yes
Automatic emergency (anti-panic) mode Yes
Fare media options:

  • Manual control
  • Magnetic cards
  • Smart cards (including contactless)
  • Barcodes
  • Tokens (coins)
  • Smart tokens
  • PayWave / PayPass

Product list
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