ELSY JSC - Russian company that was founded back in 1990. Since the beginning, ELSY has been increasing its product portfolio, range of expertise to better respond to customer's needs. Our core business focus is on design and development of intermodal fare collection systems for city transport, railway and e-payments.

In 1992 ELSY JSC together with St. Petersburg Metro has developed and put into daily use an automated fare collection system based on magnetic cards. Today, after several major upgrades that system is installed on 72 metro stations, including over 770 passenger gates and over 300 ticket sale points. In 2003 ELSY was tasked to upgrade existing system and transition it to contactless smart cards.

From May 1999 ELSY JSC and Moscow railway have introduced automated fare collection system and platform access for Kievskiy train station in Moscow. By March 2001 it was extended to further 40 railway stations in Moscow region and on all train stations in St. Petersburg.

From year 2000 all newly built stations in Moscow metro are fitted with ELSY made passenger gates.

In 2003 ELSY JSC has started equipping St. Petersburg metro building and supporting infrastructure with automated access control system based on RFID technology. As of May 2014 more than 70 metro stations are fitted with access control system with more to come.

In August 2005 first post-soviet metro has been inaugurated in Kazan. An automated intermodal fare collection system including passenger gates has been developed and implemented by ELSY JSC.

In October 2008 construction of a new production facility has been completed. It is built with latest technologies and manufacturing agility in mind and allows production of up to 300 gates a month. Located in the easily accessible industrial area it is close to major interstate roads and an airport.

From 2010 intermodal fare collection system developed by ELSY JSC is being gradually deployed across republic of Tatarstan.

In December 2011 an Almaty metro was inaugurated - first in Kazakhstan and second in Central Asia. After just two years in service the combined annual patronage has reached 6.6 million passengers. All major components of automated fare collection system including gates, TVMs and back-office were developed and integrated by ELSY JSC. 

In June 2012, Aeroexpress train link from the airport to the city centre was commissioned as part of the infrastructure upgrade program for APEC summit in Vladivostok. ELSY JSC has supplied and installed UT-2000.9 gates in all passenger halls. Before the end of the same year all Aeroexpress stations across Russia were fitted with ELSY made gates.

During November 2013 prior to Winter Olympics Games in Sochi all stations connecting event locations with city centre were fitted with latest gate model developed by ELSY which were highly praised by passengers.

Every day more than 12 million passengers are using ELSY JSC - made products and fare collection systems across St. Petersburg metro, Moscow metro, Almaty metro, Russian Railways network country wide and numerous ground transport operators.

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